The Giovanni Rana Story

Giovanni Rana, one of Italy’s most renowned and treasured Master Pasta Maker, has been bringing quality, artisanal fresh pasta to the table for over 50 years. The story begins over sixty years ago, in the outskirts of Verona. As a young boy, Giovanni Rana learnt the secret of perfectly made fresh pasta at the knee of his beloved Nonna.  It’s where his life long passion began, and his simple philosophy was born; “be true to yourself and the things that make you happy”. 

In 1959, with a passion for food and the joy of sharing it firmly instilled within, Giovanni Rana set out as a young man on his journey of a lifetime creating quality fresh pasta. Mr Rana took on a small shop where he would make tortellini which he then delivered on his trusty red motorino to the homes of families who didn’t have time to make their own pasta.

It wasn’t long after this first enterprise that Giovanni Rana fulfilled his dream of becoming a master pasta maker, by opening the doors to his own company, Pastifico Rana in 1962, which is still owned and run today by Mr Giovanni and the Rana family.

From the humble beginnings of a small shop in the fifties, Giovanni Rana’s wonderful fresh pasta and sauces are available here in England. We hope you enjoy exploring our Live Italian website and share a little in Giovanni Rana’s passion for great food and sharing it with family and friends.

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